dave schoepke

Blank Radio Instigators

Dave Schoepke

Drums, Percussion, Loops, Sonic Treatments

Blank Radio provides Dave with the opportunity to bring an "anything goes" attitude towards his role in the music. Looking at his role beyond any available percussive element and delving into the space provided within the music whether it be the application of synths, random audio clips, loops or the use of tapes and records to add esoteric ambience and nuance to the music. Consciously trying to approach every piece from a fresh, different point of view than the last... Read more about dave at daveschoepke.com

joey carini

Joey Carini


Joey Carini enters the Blank Radio project with the multi-instrumentalist approach. The basic premise in his sonic approach is the over extension of each piece of equipment. Guitars, basses, Moog synthesizer devices, and theremins are examples of what make up this sonic fleet. Pair these pieces with their basic functions while adding creative tonal exploration. The results range from never heard before tones all the way over to catchy melodies derived from many styles of music.

matt miller

Matt Miller

Bass, Trumpet

Matt Miller brings years of Classical, Jazz, and Rock/Fusion influence to the table. He primarily wears a bass and trumpet on his tool belt but also likes to explore the natural sounds of the world through sampling and atonal exploration.

"Blank Radio sessions are inspiring and full of innovation, by far some of my favorite moments as a recording musician. Each recording is unique and provides the player and listener with an escape from the limitations of premeditated music." Matt Miller